Permanent Temp Job

The previous owner had what a generous person might call a folk-art chandelier hanging from the plaster medallion in this second floor room. It was cockeyed and had bits of tinfoil and plastic army figures hanging from it by twist-ties. I knew it had to go pronto. What I didn't know: how hard it'd be to find a replacement I liked. I've lived with this temporary paper light for a couple years now, as I search for a permanent one. I also live with the quick-fix 'real brass-like finish' on the canopy. You'd think I could at least paint it white. But the thing is, the light doesn't fasten to a proper electric box, which is too large to fit in the medallion's opening. The opening is small, meant for the gas pipe that used to supply the house's original fixture. Dealing with that made the light so hard to hang in the first place that I can't bring myself to get up on the ladder again.
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