What's Wrong With This Picture?

It's my home, first of all, and, personally, I expect something a little more polished from the editor of This Old House. Second—and this is a list: the front door is a bad replacement for what used to be a pair of oak and beveled-glass doors with brass locksets. There is an air conditioner in the third floor window, which is pretty much the architectural equivalent of a black eye. And then there are the lintels above the door and windows. They used to be ornately carved brownstone. Someone decided they looked better cut off flush to the facade and painted. Plus the mortar's falling out from between the bricks.

In the November issue of This Old House magazine I said I was going to post some photos of my place up on thisoldhouse.com, maybe as a way to shame myself into high gear with all the repairs it needs. And it needs plenty. But that's the deal with an old house. To get through it you need time and patience, a subscription to TOH wouldn't hurt, and plenty of money. I've started the work, but it's been sooooo slow. Have I mentioned it also requires plenty of money?

by Scott Omelianuk

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