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Photo: Keller & Keller
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Modern Masterpiece

From TOH TV Takes the Chill off Modern, This Old House magazine, April 2006

I'm not even sure a photograph can do justice to the beauty of the iridescent tiles around the tub in this bathroom (or in the shower in the back right corner, which isn't visible here). And the Jura green limestone counter is so lovely over the floating vanity, with its serene dark wood and hefty square pulls. The lighting is perfect, the wall that doesn't quite reach the ceiling is ingenious, the feeling of the space is transcendent. I'm a recent convert to Modern architecture and design, and the features in this bathroom (and the whole house—last year's TV show project in Cambridge) are largely responsible.

—Alexandra Bandon, Senior Editor

I love the clean, modern fixtures and layout of this bathroom, combined with the warmth of the natural limestone and wood. I would love to be in that big soaking tub surrounded by those beautiful handmade tiles that look so great together, and also have such interesting variation of color within each individual piece. Real artists, not machines, made those tiles and it shows.

—Amy Rosenfeld, Design Director

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