traditional tub and mosaic tiles
Photo: Julian Wass
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A Room With A View

From Second-Story Job, This Old House magazine, July/August 2006

My fantasy bathroom would have a good old-fashioned tub like this, with a view through a picture window onto a large body of water. (Can you tell I'm a Pisces?) This room is actually quite simple, with just enough rich detail, like the mosaic and the stone tile, to feel luxurious.

—Leslie Monthan, Copy Chief

A tub in a mosaic-tiled bathroom beside a large window overlooking a body of water? A Pisces dream. The windows give it a light, airy feel and its size makes you want to live there.

—Susan Ryan, Copy Editor

I wanted to jump in that bathtub. And the room is just flooded with light that bounces off the polished floor, pale yellow walls and eggshell colored wainscoting. The view of the water reminded me of home, growing up near the beach. I just felt like the only thing that was missing from that picture was me sitting in the tub, staring at the water and deciding what kind of bait I was going to use on my next fishing trip.

—Jason Carpenter, Projects Editor

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