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Photo: David Peterson
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High Ceilings

From Amazing Grace, July/August 1998

My all-time favorite kitchen is from the TV show's winter project house (er, church) in San Francisco, back in 1998. I love the thick white marble countertop, mosaic tile floor, and chunky chrome hardware. The hinges and latches on the upper cabinets remind me of the ones on this enormous turn-of-the-century wooden and zinc-lined refrigerator box that my folks had in the old converted carriage house that I lived in as a kid.

The S.F. kitchen has a crisp and classic look that will never appear dated. Plus, I love how the homeowners took full advantage of the 14-foot ceiling by installing open shelving and super-high storage cabinets that are accessible by a ladder on a metal track. It's such a great use of space, and it gives you the feeling like you're in one of those old-school pharmacy/soda shops.

Amy R. Hughes, Senior Editor
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