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Photo: John Lawton
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Soup up your random-orbit sander with these pads and accessories.
  1. Scouring pad Polishing solid-surface countertops such as Corian and Avonite goes faster because the thatched abrasive lasts longer than sandpaper. (Sticks to standard hook-and-loop sanding pads.)

  2. Polishing bonnet After buffing, take off the sanding pad and replace it with this soft foam one. The hook-and-loop lamb's-wool disk can then polish it all to a bright shine.

  3. Contour pad To sand curved surfaces, unscrew your factory-issue pad and substitute this firm but flexible replacement pad.

  4. Foam buffing pad Daub it with buffing compound and restore your car's body paint or your boat's fiberglass hull. (Sticks to standard hook-and-loop sanding pads.)
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