Stud Horse
Photo: Todd Huffman


Shared by all the trades, the sawhorse carries the weight of an entire house. These sturdy trestles shoulder framing lumber, lengths of pipe, or drywall panels, or become a table for mitering trim, tossing tools, or serving lunch.

Pictured is the Stud Horse. Round PVC rails allow this sawhorse to adjust to uneven terrain: Simply loosen the bolts holding the rail to the legs—made of welded, powder-coated steel—and pivot them until they're stable. You can also slide the legs along the rail to fit tightly against the workpiece and hold it in place. 13 lb.; 32 1/2 in. high; 4,000-lb. capacity; $100;

Note: Capacity and price are for pairs of sawhorses; weight is for a single horse.

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