mulch for your garden
Photo: John Taylor
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Studies show that plastic mulch sheeting, which warms soil as it reflects sunlight, may promote growth in seedlings and increase the yield of fruit and vegetable crops. The sheeting comes in several colors that reflect different amounts of light to benefit specific plants. For example, the light reflected by red plastic is said to boost tomatoes and strawberries, while green plastic is formulated to stimulate melon and cucumber growth. Silver plastic has been shown to repel pesky bugs. Because plastic mulch traps water around plants, it works best in cool temperatures.

1. Red Mulch, $7.95 per 4' x 20' sheet.
2. Green Mulch, $6.95 per 4' x 20' sheet.
3. Silver Mulch, $6.95 per 4' x 20' sheet.
all from Territorial Seed Company

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