Teahouse of the Garden Tools: After

George attached each corner post to an outside corner of the floor, so that the posts were revealed. He filled the spaces between the posts with 2x2 framing, plywood, and wire for stucco, which he applied with color. For the roof's ridge beam, he cut the ends of a 2x12 so that they'd curve upward. He supported the ridge beam and added a rafter to it, then raised the ridge until I was happy with the look. George couldn't find small enough windows, so he made them from 1x4 fir. Inside the teahouse, he added a tool cabinet, a tile floor, and lights operated with a motion detector. George removed and reinstalled the imported roof tiles four times until the gable ends had the same overhang. The roof was so steep that he had to work barefoot so his feet didn't slip when he was installing the ridge caps. On the gable ends, he cut out Japanese characters, which serve as vents and translate as "Enter and Leave in Peace." —George and Connie from San Jose, CA
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