In This Issue

  • October 2004 Issue No. 82

  • Special 25th-Anniversary Issue: 25 Years of the Best in Home Renovation

    Landmark Lodge
    A historic Adirondack-style house gets a true-to-its-roots update
    The Right Tree for Your Yard
    The top choices for shade, spring flowers, and privacy
    A Better Breed of Stock Plans
    A new generation of house plans offers custom-made details for off-the-rack prices
    Sticky Choices
    The key to a good bond is picking the right glue for the job
    Unburied Treasure
    He thought he was buying a simple fixer-upper. What he discovered was a house rich in history
    Looking Back
    A family album of memorable off-camera moments
    Making Connections
    How the cast got their jobs, plus TOH trivia
    Like Father, Like Son
    The show guys pay tribute to their dads
    The Reality Thing
    Back when TV was largely staged and scripted, This Old House broke the mold
    Behind the Scenes
    How many people does it take to produce one Emmy-winning hour of television?
    In a Class by Themselves
    A look back at some of the TV project houses
    Norm Was Here
    A portfolio of our master carpenter's favorite woodworking details done for TV-project homeowners
    TV Project: Carlisle
    Plans for TOH's 25th-anniversary project, an 1849 connected farmstead
    Change Makers
    Twenty-five tools and materials that are revolutionizing the way we renovate our homes
    The TOH Interviews
    Norm, Tom, Kevin, Richard, and Roger talk about the show, their craft, and, well, themselves
    House Calls
    Mixing classic and modern in a stylish kitchen update
    American stoneware, plus Q & A
    By Design
    How a veteran architect thinks about windows
    Talking Shop
    Wet/dry vacs
    From the Ground Up
    Wiring a "smart home" network
    Should you buy that fixer-upper?
    Weatherstripping doors
    Home Security
    Choosing a lockset
    Homeowner's Handbook
    Adding a pull-out shelf to a kitchen cabinet with TOH master carpenter Norm Abram
    The Shape of Things to Come
    A letter from This Old House creative director and founder Russell Morash
    5 Things You Didn't Know About [ITALIC "TOH"]'s Fab Five
    You've seen the talents they display on the show each week — but do you know what else they can do?
    Ask This Old House
    Overcoming a mossy lawn; sleuthing out vent leaks; replacing rafter tails; etc.
    Norm's Notebook
    Ring-testing a grinding wheel; installing handrail returns; "attractive" stud finder; etc.