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  • March 2004 Issue No. 76

  • Transform Your Kitchen (Without Breaking the Bank)

    TV project house: Yard Work
    The landscaping plan takes shape at the Concord Cottage
    Same Space, New Look
    How to transform your kitchen without breaking the bank
    There's been a counter revolution over the past 25 years
    Lighting Controls
    Devices that let you dim a single light or command every fixture in the house
    Just Big Enough
    Reworking the floor plan turns a small cottage into a home for four
    House Calls
    Custom cabinets create rooms in a long, narrow space
    Leslie and Leigh Keno help unearth a $1 million painting
    Talking Shop
    Choosing and using miter saws
    From the Ground Up
    Tom Silva's best practices for framing a house
    Cures for wet basements
    Homeowner's Handbook
    Laying a vinyl tile floor
    Ask This Old House
    Slow-flow clothes washer; unsafe steps; transplanting roses; etc.
    Norm's Notebook
    Protecting finished floors; coaxing bowed deck boards; etc.