In This Issue

  • April 2003 Issue No. 67

  • Create the Perfect Landscape

    Homeowner's Handbook
    Installing Rain Gutters
    By Joseph Truini
    Better Than Ever
    Suck It Up
    Range hoods keep kitchen air free of grease, steam, and odors.
    By Max Alexander
    Planning the Ideal Landscape
    In five easy steps.
    By Jane von Trapp
    Under-Cabinet Lighting
    Sorting through the options for this important type of task light.
    By Dan DiClerico
    Five's a Crowd
    Going to Pots
    Use containers to create a glorious garden anywhere.
    By Doug MacKay
    Little House on the Runway
    A pilot moves and rebuilds an old barn — in an airpark.
    By Jeanne Huber
    Decorative Garden Edging
    By Scott Schilling
    On the Job
    House party; before & after; a lesson learned the hard way
    House Calls With Steve
    A bathroom zoned for comfort
    Letter from This Old House
    The best-laid landscape plans
    By Design

    Knob Appeal

    Distinctive doorknobs add instant character to a house.
    By Terry Trucco

    Squeegee Clean

    How to wash windows like a pro.
    By Joe D'Agnese

    Save When You Sell

    Cut commissions — pay only for the services you need.
    By Amy R. Hughes
    Talking Shop

    Choosing & Using String Trimmers

    Trimmers and techniques to keep your grass looking its best.
    By John Kelsey
    Ask This Old House
    Flaky bluestone; crack assessment; crawl-space vents
    Norm's Notebook
    Close shaves with a miter saw; cutting hinge mortises