In This Issue

  • March 2003 Issue No. 66

  • Take Back Your Garage!

    Homeowner's Handbook
    Installing a Floodlight
    By Joseph Truini
    Winchester TV Project: From Start to Finish
    How the new kitchen at the Winchester TV project went from idea to execution.
    By Alexandra Bandon
    The Kindest Cut
    How and when to prune small trees and shrubs.
    By Lynn Ocone
    It's a Wrap
    A new porch turns an eyesore into a stately home.
    By Jeannie Ralston
    Exterior Stains
    From clear to colorful, these finishes let the character of wood show through.
    By John Viehman
    Storage Solutions
    How to take control of the clutter centers in your home.
    By Scott Schilling
    On the Job
    Meet the TOH Dream Kitchen winners
    House Calls With Steve
    Behind 1920s details, a thoroughly modern kitchen
    Letters From [ITALIC {This Old House}]
    Norm Abram finds a place for everything
    Talking Shop

    Choosing Pruners and Loppers

    Tools to keep plants looking their best.
    By John Kelsey
    By Design

    Front and Center

    A custom door can transform the look of your house.
    By Jonathan Binzen

    How to make scratches in furniture disappear.
    By Michael Dresdner
    Ask This Old House
    Stopping toilet overflows; replacing storm windows
    Norm's Notebook
    Installing crown molding; making a drilling jig; etc.