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  • April 2002 Issue No. 57

  • A Tale of a Timber Frame

    Homeowners Handbook

    Trimming Out a Window

    Tom Silva's step-by-step instructions for one of his favorite jobs — installing window casings.
    By Scott Gibson
    Master Sweet
    At the show's Manchester project, the L-shaped master bedroom and bath grow by 50 percent.
    By Jefferson Kolle
    Some Assembly Required
    Building a new old house by updating and adding on to a reconstructed 1790 Cape.
    By Jonathan Binzen
    The Night the Lights Went On in Georgia
    Hidden fixtures subtly and charmingly illuminate this Atlanta house and landscape.
    By Jordan Reed
    Out of the Woods: The Tale of a Timber Frame
    A recording artist/builder constructs a work-and-play timber-frame barn in Vermont.
    By Joe Carter
    Poster: Chisels
    Whether used for chopping or paring, this tool has changed little in 10,000 years.
    By Ryan Robbins
    On the Job
    Heating the stairwell at the Manchester project house.
    House Calls With Steve
    A couple create their ideal kitchen in two stages.
    Ask the Expert
    Unsticking windows, reusing molding, and removing cork flooring.
    Letter From [ITALIC {This Old House}]
    Even our master carpenter's house isn't quite finished.

    Twin Peaks

    Refiguring the roof made a dowdy house twice as nice.
    By John Marchese

    Where the Sidewalk Mends

    How to repair a damaged concrete path and steps.
    By Nancy Lackman
    By Design

    Play Station

    Versatility makes a desk work for both kids and parents.
    By Ryan Robbins

    Digital Helping Hand

    Hand-held computers and software simplify life on the job site.
    By James Ryan
    Talking Shop

    Finish Hammers

    A blow-by-blow account of these nimble nailers.
    By Clayton DeKorne

    Filing for Dollars

    Finding tax breaks in your home.
    By Kerry Hannon and Amy R. Hughes

    Quiet, Please

    Building an English-style wood-paneled home library.
    By Max Alexander