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  • November/
    1997 Issue No. 15

  • Dream Workshop

    The Poster: Handsaws
    From a reversible gent's to a Japanese keyhole to a French flush cut, a well-balanced, sharp-toothed handsaw can turn your arm into a wood-devouring shark.
    By Jeff Taylor
    A Shop of Dreams
    For years fans have been asking us what the ultimate workshop would look like and what would be put in it. Finally, the fantasy comes true in our fall dream house. Oh, the tool lust!
    By Brad Lemley
    Mighty Monticello
    Thomas Jefferson's experiment, building the quintessential American house, was nothing less than a magnificent success. So if you're looking for good ideas to use in your own house, start here.
    By Jack McClintock
    [XLINK {199043} {Finishing School}]
    Classes in home repair offer more than great ways to save on contractor bills— they give you courage.
    By Jeanne Huber
    An American Craftsman
    A former pro basketball player turned plaster master, Lorna Kollmeyer is the modern embodiment of 15th-century Italy's stuccotori, who resurrected the plaster-molding techniques of ancient Rome.
    By Walt Harrington
    Wright House, Wrong Roof
    Into one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous houses a little rain did fall. For decades. Now the repair bill for Wingspread's new roof is more than $2 million.
    By Craig Canine
    Got Snow?
    Our real-life test of eight hearty snow throwers. In Vermont. For an entire winter. Brrrr!
    By William G. Scheller
    This Very Old House
    The history of every house is as complicated and romantic as the families that have lived there. Meet the Crehores, the Browns, the Manns, the Beechers and the Devines. For nearly 300 years, they lived in— and changed— our Milton, Massachusetts, dream house.
    By Daniel S. Levy
    [XLINK {199843} {The Instant Extra Bedroom}]
    Carve out a new room with a wall that goes up in hours, costs little more than $200 and— when you need your old room back-can be taken down in minutes.
    By Jeanne Huber
    Around the house
    Off The Wall

    Second Guessing

    There's only one thing you can say when faced with the inexplicably dumb things previous owners did to your house.
    By Jeanne Marie Laskas

    Counter Intelligence

    Solid surface is synonymous with countertops. But what is it?
    By Cynthia Sanz

    Dirty Ducts

    If your house could blow its nose, this is what you'd find.
    —by Joe Carter
    Power Tool

    Save Us From Hand Sanding

    Like a ferret, detail sanders nose into awkward places.
    By Mark Feirer

    Jiminy Chimney!

    The crud in your flue may be a firestorm waiting to ignite.
    By Ben Kalin
    Hand Tool

    Getting a Grip on Pliers

    Choose the right pair when you want to pinch, crimp or cut.
    By Jim Cooper

    Tough Love Your Way to Fortune

    Brad Lemley on the virtues of being a tightwad, Morey Stettner on playing hardball with your loan office, and Diane Harris on spotting price hype.

    Dynamite Dormers

    Get more space and more light— and make your house look a lot better— for half the price of the average addition.
    By Dennis Wedlick