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  • July/
    1997 Issue No. 13

  • First Peek at the Fall Dream House

    Last Tour of the Tucson House
    The finished Tucson project is one sweet hacienda. Join us for a private viewing of the lush courtyard, the Spanish parapets, the master bedroom suite, the lap pool, the two kitchens— and secret spaces most guests will never see.
    By Jack McClintock
    Absolute a/c
    The most refreshing idea in air-conditioning mates two old technologies—the internal combustion engine and the heat pump— into an ingenious chiller that cuts cooling bills in half.
    By Jack McClintock
    Bring Home the Farm
    Forget dogs— get the kids a few chickens. Building a backyard poultry palace is fun for the whole family, and you won't believe it when you taste fresh eggs.
    By Jeanne Huber
    An American Craftsman
    A chain-smoking, tool-toting tough guy seems an unlikely professor, but men like Robert Reade are the last best hope to teach the art of framing to a new generation.
    By Walt Harrington
    To Mexico, for Tile
    In the shadow of the Sierra de Guanajuato mountains, Dolores Hidalgo villagers hand-form mud into tiles and paint them one by one. The captivating result celebrates the spirit of the town that sparked the Mexican revolution.
    By Ron Arias
    Dreams Are Made of This
    Would you like to own a house Norm has done over? Then take a first, pre-remodeling gander at our next project, a 300-year-old Colonial in Milton, Massachusetts. When we finish, it goes on the auction block.
    By Brad Lemley
    The Poster: Hinges
    Often ignored, the lowly hinge proves to be haute hardware.
    By George Nash
    In the Garden
    Russ Morash celebrates the latest wave of smart sprinklers; plus praise for the lowly slug, the criticism of bug zappers and a celebration of big vegetables.
    Around the house

    From Warehouse to Your House

    Sacre Stone

    Hanging In There

    House Bound

    Things that Go Clump in the Night

    The Long Arm of the Saw

    Porch Paint, Part 2

    Trowel and Error

    Pride Over Prejudice

    18,000 Sq. Ft. No Vu

    A Better Banger

    To Drain, Perchance to Weep

    House of Cardboard

    Opportunity Rings

    Off The Wall

    Is That Wood Really Plastic?

    What were our parents thinking of when they fell in love with paneling?
    By Jeanne Marie Laskas
    Power Tool

    Clean Machine

    Not grange, not mildew and certainly not loose paint can survive the mighty blast of a power washer.
    By Mark Feirer

    Swamp Wood

    Cypress is the wood you'd imagine if you were creating the perfect building material.
    By Brad Lemley

    Horse Sense

    A This Old House crewmember won't go anywhere without his trusty steeds: tough and totable folding sawhorses.
    By Mark Feirer
    Hand Tool

    Shovels and Spades

    After decades of dirty work, an inveterate shoveler forks over his grittiest secrets.
    By Jeff Taylor

    Look! No Leaks

    Properly installed modern skylights won't rain on your parade of light-filled days.
    By Nancy Stedman

    Peerless Pillars

    The Greeks got it right: Columns give any house a lift, especially if they're the proper style.
    By Dennis Wedlick

    Virtual Real Estate

    Cyberspace abounds with sweet loans, dream houses and insider information.
    By Patricia E. Berry