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  • March/
    1997 Issue No. 11

  • Remaking a Desert Dream House

    Arizona Dreaming
    After two decades of putting off their remodeling dreams, a Tucson architectural designer and his wife jump at the chance to offer their 1932 Pueblo Revival house as the spring TV protect.
    By Jack McClintock
    Adobe, for the Future
    A wall of 2x4s and Sheetrock feels as flimsy as a Hollywood set compared with a 16-inch-thick slab of solid adobe. But the age-old formula of mud, straw and water doesn't weather well. Adding a little 20th-century cement fixes that and allows an Arizona couple to build a house that may last until the next millennium.
    By Brad Lemley
    Our Father's House
    Whether leading his country into the midst of a war or fighting for the new Constitution, George Washington never forgot who he really was an obsessed homeowner. The first of a new series on Americans greatest houses.
    By Stephen Harrigan
    Water is the Enemy
    More than half of America's basements leak. This moist majority is only a downpour away from flooding that can destroy major systems such as heating and air conditioning. No wonder waterproofing guru Dean Maiorano is a popular guy.
    By Curtis Rist
    An American Craftsman
    For weeks at a time, master locksmith Bob Din will imagine himself inside an antique lock he has never opened, trying to "see X the levers and tumblers-and understand the craftiness of the original designer. Once he has figured it out, he can unlatch the lock without destroying it.
    By Walt Harrington
    Microscopic Menace
    Can Stachybotrys atra —one of dozens of molds that bide out in most houses— kill children? Learn why mold and mildew must be controlled and why newer homes are more dangerous than older ones.
    By Susan Benesch
    The Poster: Moldings
    Shaped strips of wood are crisp grace notes that bring charm, depth and soul to stark flat spaces. Rip out this month's poster to find a floor-to ceiling guide to the classic profiles of baseboard chair rail, casing, crown and other moldings.
    Around the house
    Off The Wall

    Plumb Crazy

    Perhaps Lady Macbeth wasn't really mad, she was just in her wallpaper stage.
    By Jeanne Marie Laskas

    Ladder Sense

    A well-dressed ladder can go a long way toward taking the fear out of climbing the rungs.
    By James Morgan
    Power Tool

    Stud Guns

    A new generation of high-tech nail-shooters has This Old House crewmembers celebrating their right to bear arms.
    By Mark Feirer

    Borrowing Light

    Somewhere between a window and a brick, glass block fulfilled a Depression-era ideal of simplicity. Now it's back, and in more styles than ever.
    By Ann Armbruster

    Shingling Secrets

    Follow the scent of cedar and the sound of hammers back to Nantucket, where Norm shows the right way to side a house.
    By William G. Scheller

    Bank Error in Your Favor

    Question authority - especially when it's your lender. Locating little bungles in your mortgage can yield hefty refunds.
    By Lew Sichelman and Peter Miller