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  • November/
    1996 Issue No. 9

  • Restoring the Doors of Nantucket

    Nantucket Project Update
    At 3 Milk St. on Nantucket, what began as a patch here and a fix there has mushroomed into a virtual reconstruction of the ailing Victorian. Despite deteriorating budgets, spirits are high as the transformation comes to life.
    By Jack McClintock
    Their soaring cupolas and elaborate gadgetry were American architecture's first true idiom. Other styles have come and gone, but the innovative optimism of these 19th-century castles still seems fiercely modern.
    By Peter Jensen
    Hammering Out a Kitchen
    Are architects from Mars and homeowners from Venus? Designer Jock Gifford and homeowner Kathy McGraw Bentley balanced vision with horse sense and found a common ground.
    By Wendy Talarico
    An American Craftsman
    Millwright Derek Ogden's life has been a small crusade to keep America's windmills and waterwheels turning, using old world tools and techniques that modern methods just can't match.
    By Walt Harrington
    Up on a Roof
    After a roof freeze-up soaked his house last winter, a This Old House homeowner made a promise: Never again. Enlisting a contractor's aid, he spends a crisp fall day making sure winter won't plague him this year.
    By Wendy Talarico
    The Peril of Oil Tanks
    The lawns of this country are peppered with these suburban land mines, threatening to low up home sales and sink savings accounts. Knowing the options beforehand can mean the difference between a fiasco and bankruptcy.
    By Patricia E. Berry
    A Door in Nantucket
    Nantucketers know how to put their best face forward— as witnessed by the beauty of their entries. At the fall TV project, sleuthing turns up the original doors to the house, and This Old House helps bring them back to life.
    By Jack McClintock
    In the Garden
    Sometimes it's not what you put in your yard, but what you keep out, especially when it comes to deer. Plus: How to build a cold frame that will give your garden a head start and why the crew at This Old House prefers privet hedges.
    Around the house
    Off The Wall

    Crackling Good

    Inside every wood-burning purist is a self-loathing, gas-log lover yearning to be free.
    By Jeanne Marie Laskas
    Power Tool

    Sand and Deliver

    Got a mind to grind? A belt sander can buff the rough stuff in record time.
    By Mark Feirer

    Wonder Rock

    Who would have guessed that lowly drywall could tempt a nation of plaster fans to throw in the trowel?
    By Don Best
    Hand Tool

    Hack Away

    Plumbers, carpenters and even pastry chefs agree: A hacksaw is the tool of the last resort.
    By William Sampson

    Take 'Em With You

    References are great, but check a carpenter's tool belt as well-it can be the true sign of a seasoned veteran.
    By Wendy Talarico

    Trip the Lights Fantastic

    Let there be light, but do it right: Tips on decking the halls without blowing the fuse.
    By Jessie R. Mangaliman

    Protection Money

    The warm, fuzzy feeling of a home-equipment warranty can thaw a buyer's cold feet. But is it worth the price?
    By Patricia E. Berry