In This Issue

  • January/
    1996 Issue No. 4

  • Pull-Out guide to Savannah

    The Salem Portico Saved

    By Stephen Petranek

    The [ITALIC {This Old House}] Crew Builds a Trash Shed

    By Pamela Hartford

    How to Surface the Driveway

    By Wendy Talarico

    Heating and Insulating an Old House

    By Joe Carter

    House Raising: Let the River Run

    By Wendy Talarico

    Weaving the Guinees' Carpet

    By Stephanie Woodard

    A Western Red Cedar Becomes Siding

    By Thomas Baker

    Preserving the Plan in Old Savannah
    With a pullout guide to Monterey Square, site of the next This Old House TV project
    By Jeanne Huber
    Around the house

    Random-orbit sanders

    A This Old House crew member shows off a favorite tool.
    By Mark Feirer

    Window Glass

    Keeping out the cold, the heat or the neighbors.
    By Jeanne Huber

    Phone and Data Wiring

    Planning for the home office.
    By Pamela Hartford

    Choosing Hammers

    There's a right one for every task.
    By Stephen Patranek

    New Life for an Old Stove

    A rusty castoff becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen.
    By Jeanne Huber

    Property Taxes

    How to understand—and contest—your bill.
    By William Marsano