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  • September/
    1995 Issue No. 2

  • Inspect The New Season's Home

    What's Wrong with This House?
    Inspect the new season's project with our crew— and learn to identify the big problems.
    By Stephen Petranek
    The New Lawn
    A construction industry trick grows grass, or a more interesting alternative, with less water and fewer chemicals.
    By Margaret Roach
    Living in a Lighthouse
    A navy man achieves a This Old House fantasy: renovating the abandoned Morgan Point Light.
    By Thomas Baker
    Building a Garden Shed
    Step-by-step instructions to an elegant shelter for lawn mowers, firewood— and the owner's motorcycle.
    By Pamela Hartford
    Keeping Out the Cold
    Common sense and new technology wrap a blanket around a Vermont church.
    By Joe Carter
    True Historic Colors
    Using dirt, plants and bugs, early Americans painted their houses bright; fold-out chart.
    By Jeanne Huber
    Architectural Salvage
    Ron Allan makes money from demolition, the ultimate recycle.
    By Peter Lemos
    Federal Style
    The essential elements of America's finest architecture.
    By Pamela Hartford
    Around the house

    Routers Made Simple

    A favorite This Old House power tool.
    By Mark Feirer

    Veneer Plaster

    Jim Marshall makes drywall beautiful.
    By Thomas Baker

    Protecting Your Lungs

    What you need to know if you use hazardous materials.
    By Jeanne Huber

    Floor Finishes

    Jeff Hosking protects the wood underfoot.
    By Stephen Petranek

    Old Faucets

    Antiques fixed up for daily use.
    By Peter Lemos

    Tapes and Rules

    The simplest way to avoid mistakes— and to make them.
    By Jeanne Huber

    Disaster Insurance

    Floods, winds and quakes make coverage hard to get.
    By John P. Patella