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  • December 1998 Issue No. 24

  • Wish-List Kitchen

    Country Journal
    An owner of a charming old house in Canaan, NY finds that old homes are a web of decisions interwoven over time, many of them made without reference to common sense or architectural coherence—some, according to the owner, the result of sheer lunacy. So far, only one of those choices has actually been theirs; to buy the property in the first place.
    By Verlyn Klinkenborg
    A Designer's Own Kitchen
    With finely made cabinets and state-of-the-art appliances, a kitchen grows up-from a small, dark stylistic misfit into a charming, spacious cooking area in keeping with an 1894 Victorian. And there's tons of storage.
    By Cynthia Sanz
    An American Craftsman
    Concrete sculptor Buddy Rhodes transforms the humblest of building materials into artful creations.
    By Brad Lemley
    Sounding the Alarm
    Home security systems have never been more popular but, before investing in expensive electronic devices, consider alternative deterrents that cost less, produce no false alarms and may stop burglars more often.
    By Curtis Rist
    Raise A Beam
    Using a new generation of engineered lumber, a contractor for This Old House tests out a new floor plan by knocking down the walls, supporting the ceiling and letting the ownersĂ­ imagination roam.
    By Brad Lemley
    Dream House: Steal These Looks
    Five innovative addition ideas you can adapt form This Old House Magazine's Dream House Plans.
    By Joe Carter
    Master Pieces
    As demolition starts at the Watertown project, the guys from the This Old House crew save the good stuff to use later.
    By Brad Lemley
    The Poster: Hand Planes
    Shaving off a gossamer curl of wood takes Zen-like concentration and a razor-sharp cutting iron. Here is how to develop just the right touch, hone cutting edges to perfection and make all your doors fit.
    By Jeff Taylor
    Around the house
    Off The Wall

    Home Improvisation

    You are up on a ladder, but the pliers are down in the toolbox. That's when you remember why you have molars.
    By Jeanne Marie Laskas
    Power Tool

    Merrily, We Scroll Along

    With the acrobat of saws, anyone can turn solid wood into lace.
    By Curtis Rist
    Materials We Love

    A Gem of a Stone

    Granite is covering more counters than ever, thanks to lower costs and a new appreciation of its near-diamond hardness.
    By Richard Stepler
    Hand Tool

    Give It to Me Straight

    Plumb bobs cannot lie-gravity is the ultimate truth test.
    By Jeff Taylor

    Bust the Dust—and Germs

    A media filter on a forced-air furnace keeps house air pristine.
    By Hope Reeves
    Weekend Project

    Down the Hatch

    A laundry chute is the next best thing to a bottomless hamper.
    By Meghan Anderson

    Which way is in?

    The side door works for shuttling groceries, but a house also needs a noble front door to provide a proper entrance.
    By Meghan Anderson

    Report Cards

    Why do mortgage companies insist on driving applicants nuts over minor credit problems?
    By Mike Steere