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  • June 2009 Issue No. 129

  • Reader Makeover Special!

    Meet the $5,000 Winners
    With some sleuthing, sweat equity, and a little pro help, the Walkers gave an 1896 Queen Anne cottage spectacular new life
    Small Scale, Major Impact
    The $1,000 winners and their impressive one-room redos
    The Moxie Awards
    Seven inspiring tales of determined DIYers who just wouldn't give up
    Before and After: Attic
    A couple makes the most of online resources to help create a sunlit master suite
    A rowhouse dweller transforms his desolate backyard into a lush urban oasis
    Paint Ideas
    Leftover cans and a colorful imagination create a baby's room that's full of life
    Budget Redo
    A bungalow kitchen gets back its vintage charm—for $645
    Garden Ideas
    Lawn tools reside in style in this finely detailed stone garden shed
    Hey, I Remember That!
    TOH readers share memorable details of their childhood homes
    Get This Look
    Victorian-style powder room
    Price Wise
    Ceiling fans
    Garden urns
    Build It or Buy It
    Adirondack chairs
    Reader Tips
    Try out these 33 inventive ways to save time and money
    Home Center Project
    Use planters and sheet metal to cook up a grilling station
    Whaddaya Call It?
    Feel more secure with this guide to the inside of your front-door lockset
    Weekend Remodel
    Paint a checkerboard on your floor
    Q + A
    Go solar to power your fountain pump; seal dormer leaks; clear up rusty wall water; fix a squeaky floor; and more
    Norm’s Tricks of the Trade
    Repair loose joint tape on a textured ceiling
    Easy ways to improve your home right now
    Home News
    Slow-moving grass mix; sow veggies in a neighbor's yard; mortgage-restructuring workshops; and more