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    2007 Issue No. 105

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    The Right Kitchen for You
    Whether you're a quick-and-easy cook, chefs a deux, or party central, we've got the ingredients and advice for creating your ideal kitchen
    Steeped in Character
    Retired from storing wine or olives, hardwood barrels get reclaimed as new paneling, trim, and furniture
    Fit for Another Century
    Period-appropriate woodwork and rejiggered floor plan were key in preparing a 1765 Georgian home for its next hundred years
    Raising the Bar
    The house came with an attached-but gutted-old barroom; the owners re-created it as a watering hole for friends and family
    The TOH Black-and-Blue Thumb Awards 2007
    However bad your fix-it gaffes, trust us, someone else has screwed up worse; we've gathered some unique blunders to laugh at-and learn from
    Bath Design
    Finding space for a luxury bath-in the garage
    Recycling vintage heat registers
    Towel warmers make any bath a spa
    Basement Design
    Making raw below-ground space into a cozy family room and guest quarters
    Green House
    Easy resolutiongs for a greener New Year
    Saving Energy
    Retrofitting insulation is an investment in future savings and comfort; know your options by learning from this season's TOH TV Project
    Cordless tool kits save you a bundle
    Homeowner's Handbook
    Building a radiator cover
    Save This Old House
    This 1913 Craftsman in Battle Creek, Michigan, could be a beauty once more
    Green House
    Pellet stoves reduce your heating bills and burn hotter and cleaner than woodstoves or fireplaces
    Home Tech
    In-wall speakers deliver big sound—and declutter the room
    How It Works
    Radiant floor heating
    Replace a worn-out entry threshold
    Ask This Old House
    Rock-toilet fix; code on notching or drilling into a joist; and more Q&A
    Skill Building
    Clamping square corners; tips for using canned spray-foam insulation
    Norm's Notebook
    Advice on using MDF, from TOH Master carpenter Norm Abram
    Resource Directory
    Find the products and services featured in this issue