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  • December 2006 Issue No. 104

  • 28 Secret Sources

    Righting a Bungled Bungalow
    Beneath decades' worth of bad remodeling choices—pink stucco, woodwork encrusted with layers of paint—lay a classic 1911 Craftsman
    Secret Sources 2006
    Our annual list of handpicked sources for the unique, the hard-to-find, the truly special products for your next project
    Behind Closed Doors
    The pantry is back. Here are dozens of ideas and expert design tips for working one into your home
    Hand-on Holiday
    Four dream gift packages for the weekend woodworker, the house historian, the armchair architect, or the aspiring film critic in your life
    Kitchen Design
    Throwing some curves into a tight city kitchen eased traffic flow and optimized space from floor to ceiling
    Vintage French doors add character to passageways without blocking the light
    Rain showerheads that deliver a downpour—without wasting water
    House Calls
    An architect's advice for designing a two-cook kitchen
    Around My House
    Some couples fight over money and sex; we were fighting over her late-night trips to Home Depot
    Finding Space
    Expert advice on adding a full bath without adding on, from this season's TOH TV project
    Extension cords
    Homeowner's Handbook
    Installing a Mantel
    Save This Old House
    This 1912 cross-gabled beauty in Cairo, Georgia, is free to someone willing to move it
    Green House
    Pellet stoves reduce your heating bills and burn hotter and cleaner than woodstoves or fireplaces
    Home Tech
    In-wall speakers deliver big sound—and declutter the room
    How It Works
    Radiant floor heating
    Replace a worn-out entry threshold
    Around the house
    Pimp My Appliance
    Stainless not good enough for ya? Try a custom paint job instead
    10 Uses for Foam Spray
    Fix, seal, and bond with these useful leftovers
    Ask This Old House
    Using a plumb bob to set jambs; insulating rooms over a garage; icy-gutter; remedies; and more Q&A
    Skill Building
    Replacing an extension cord plug; tips for laying out arches and curves
    Norm's Notebook
    Advice on caring for extension cords from the TOH master carpenter
    Resource Directory
    Find the products and services featured in this issue