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  • October 2006 Issue No. 102

  • Inspired Spaces

    The Natural Choice
    These products get our thumbs-up for being
    Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
    This colorful cottage is the house of the future — mixing historic character and cutting-edge eco-design
    15 Green Projects for Under $500
    Easy, affordable ideas that save energy, conserve resources, and make your house a less expensive place to live
    Recycling Katrina's Ruins
    A hurricane-ravaged 18th-century house is deconstructed to help restore other rare buildings
    101 Tips
    The best time-saving, money-saving, marriage-saving, life-saving, really useful nuggets of wisdom from the past 100 issues of TOH magazine
    Kitchen Design
    A family kitchen that takes reuse, reduce, and recycle to heart
    New uses for old accent windows
    Recycled glass tile
    Green House
    Compact flourescent bulbs
    House Calls
    Creating a healthy, fun playroom
    Beneficial bugs that protect your yard
    Tax breaks and rebates that lower the cost of energy-saving improvements
    Tools that are classic masterpieces
    How It Works
    Radiant floor heating
    Best ways to remove asbestos, lead, and mold from your home
    Save This Old House
    This rambling Southern farmhouse could be the cure for your urban burnout
    Ask This Old House
    Compost for a healthier lawn; patching vinyl corner trim; and more Q&A
    Skill Building
    Tricks for fitting flooring; setting glass tile
    Norm's Notebook
    Advice on caring for tools, from the TOH master carpenter
    Resource Directory
    Find the products and services featured in this issue