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  • November 2005 Issue No. 93

  • Warm Up Your Rooms

    Re-Color Your Rooms
    It's the quickest wake-up for tired-looking spaces. How to choose and use colors you can live with and love
    Painting by the Numbers
    Most people think they know how to paint. But for truly pro-grade results, follow our experts' advice
    Row-House Rescue
    How two enterprising homeowners took a decaying brownstone from crack house to urban gem
    Quick-Change Floors
    New systems that click in, snap together, and stick down to make it easy to change what's underfoot
    Building a Flat Roof Right
    The TOH TV pros show how they construct one that stands up to the elements
    Kitchen Design
    A chef's home kitchen demonstrates tried-and-true recipes for good design
    Bath Design
    A spacious, airy master-bath addition to a modest beach cottage
    Schoolhouse lights get high marks for style
    Green House
    Save heating fuel with these earth-friendly insulation options
    Find a vintage sink for your bath
    The dirt on buying a building lot
    Home Technology
    Projection TVs give you big-screen impact without the bulky set
    Our guide to arm-saving sanders
    How to fix that wobbly newel post
    Winter FYI
    Preventing ice dams
    Homeowner's Handbook
    Save This Old House
    Ask This Old House
    Quieting noisy heating ducts; winter protection for ivy; and more Q&A
    Skill Building
    Making paintbrushes last; repairing a wallpaper tear; and other lessons
    Norm's Notebook
    Adjusting a hand plane; caring for saws
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