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  • October 2005 Issue No. 92

  • How to Hire the Best

    Best Building Pros in America
    Our first annual guide to top contractors, architects, designers, and tradespeople; and how you can find and hire the best in your town
    Whose House Is It, Anyway?
    Take back what's yours from critters looking to hunker down in your home for the winter
    Before You Construct, You Have to Destruct
    Lessons from the TOH television job site on safely demolishing a roof or wall
    From Cut Flowers to Cutting 2x4s
    Remodeling his own bungalow started a first-time homeowner on a new career — and saved him $160,000
    A Warming Trend
    Vintage ranges are all the rage. Here's how to make one the retro heart of your kitchen
    Kitchen Design
    Breaking down three tiny rooms to make one open, family-friendly kitchen
    Plant bulbs now for the easiest spring garden you can grow
    Old-fashioned wood toolchests are functional works of art
    Vintage glass knobs add a little bling to your interior doors
    The right taping and smoothing tools help you drywall like a pro
    Green House
    Wood flooring that treads lightly on the environment
    Tighten up drafty old windows with new weatherstripping
    Homeowner's Handbook
    Hanging interior shutters, step by step
    Save This Old House
    An endangered home in need of rescue
    Ask This Old House
    Choosing the right saw blade; cleaning baseboard heaters; and more Q&A
    Skill Building
    Quick fixes for drafty windows; spray painting shutters; and other lessons
    Norm's Notebook
    How to bevel clapboard siding; make a platform to ease overhead work
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