In This Issue

  • May 2005 Issue No. 88

  • Inside the Ultimate Remodel

    The Carlisle House
    A celebration of This Old House's 25th-anniversary remodel—from start to spectacular showhouse finish—with 21 need-to-know lessons for every homeowner
    I Cannot Tell A Lie
    Yes, writer Joe Carter cut down the cherry trees in his yard. But with the 500 board feet of wood they yielded, he gave them new life inside his home
    Mess Hall...No More
    The TOH guide to planning the perfect mudroom
    Almost Gone With the Wind
    Three seconds of tornado devastated a Maryland couple's 1893 Victorian. Two years of hard work brought it back from ruin
    Up on Roofs?
    The history of sod-covered houses goes back thousands of years. But today's green roof is a whole other species
    Around the House
    Tiny houses; getting rid of junk; latest architectural software; anatomy of a gabled dormer
    By Design: Kitchen
    A 1924 Craftsman finally gets a kitchen that's in keeping with its architectural style
    By Design: Bath
    A sink in the shower shaves time off one man's morning prep
    Candle-lit lanterns add a warm glow anyplace, anytime
    Period Pieces
    Weathered stone benches and pots make even new gardens look like they've been around for ages
    Home Tech
    TV is the newest kitchen appliance
    House Calls
    An architect's advice for where to put the addition
    Homeowner associations can bully you, slap you with fines, even take your house
    Belgian block edging keeps the pavement out of your yard
    How it works
    An ultra-maneuverable mower makes short work of big lawns
    Homeowner's Handbook
    Building a screen door
    Ask This Old House
    Battling pond algae; leaky casement windows; water-heater repair
    Skill Building
    Clamp know-how; drying lumber; and other lessons to take home
    Norm's Notebook
    Caulking a tub surround; clipping nails; drill depth gauge