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  • April 2005 Issue No. 87

  • Build A Better Backyard

    A Tale of Four Cities
    If you want to be inspired, visit these communities and see what homeowners with a sense of history can accomplish
    Can't a Fella Get a Little Peace and Quiet?
    Tangled up in cordless tool choices? We give you power over the options
    Building a Garden
    Bone structure isn't just for supermodels. It's the basis of any really good landscape design
    Backyard Blitz
    15 quick and easy ways to turn a not-so-great space into the great outdoors
    There's Gold in them thar hills!
    A couple turns a dilapidated 1840s miner's cabin into a weekend retreat
    Second-story Job
    A Sacramento stairmaker adds a story to a small bungalow so he can create his very own set of dramatic stairs
    On the Job
    Handcrafted homes on wheels; builder's bargains on eBay; How to understand lumber labels; and more
    House Calls
    One couple's master-bath plan takes a dramatically different tack by grouping fixtures in the middle
    Mailboxes that win our stamp of approval
    Talking Shop
    Snips and scissors
    Live in the house of your dreams while a renter foots the bills
    Repairing a broken tile
    Homeowner's Handbook
    Installing a floating floor
    Ask This Old House
    Fixing cracked plaster, keeping basements dry, best clear finish
    Norm's Notebook
    Cutting circles, garden-tool storage rack, supporting cantilevered countertops