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  • March 2005 Issue No. 86

  • 3 Great Ways to Renovate

    Shingle Minded
    One man set his sights on a weekend house with the look and feel of a 19th-century coastal cottage
    Juice on the Loose
    Tangled up in cordless tool choices? We give you power over the options
    Great Adaptation
    How a 1920s butler's pantry inspired a very 21st-century kitchen
    Rock from an Easy Place
    Make a garden trough with all the character (but none of the hassle) of hand-carved stone
    Can't We All Just Get Along?
    A good relationship between architect and contractor is key to getting a job done smoothly — and it can save you a bundle. Here are 10 tips from the pros to get both sides working on the same page
    Second-story Job
    A Sacramento stairmaker adds a story to a small bungalow so he can create his very own set of dramatic stairs
    House Calls
    An architect uncramps a small kitchen to create a multiactivity space
    Style and the Home
    Antique hardware; plus Q & A
    The age-old beauty of inlaid wood medallions
    Talking Shop
    The essentials of multi-tools
    Climbing up to the attic should be easy — and safe
    Historic house designations
    Installing undercabinet lighting
    Ask This Old House
    Combining vent pipes; battling bamboo; emergency roof fix
    Norm's Notebook
    Preventing glue stains; when bolts are too short; ripping with a circular saw