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  • Carvex 420 Series Jigsaw
    The ultimate jigsaw has an adaptable motor speed, dust-clearing blower, and LEDs that make it easy to see the blade; from Festool
  • Gorilla Clear Repair
    A new kind of duct-tape that's clear but strong; from Gorilla

  • Classic Max Open-Cell Foam
    Spray-in foam insulation with built-in fire retardants; from Icynene
  • Shape Tape
    Patterned painter's tape that lets you decorate like a pro; from FrogTape
  • Kevo Deadbolt
    An electronic door lock that turns your smartphone into a key fob; from Kwikset
  • Sump Minder
    A backup sump-pump system that calls you in an emergency; from Wayne Water Systems

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