Grand Prize Winners: Best Whole House Remodel 2013
The Simpson family saved a sadly neglected community landmark and coaxed it back from the brink of foreclosure to create a vibrant home—and won $5,000 and a GMC Sierra!

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One-Room Wonder Reader Remodel Winners 2013
Let's hear it for the best of the rest: Out of thousands of entries, we selected these five families as $1,000 winners for their marvelous makeovers

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2013 Moxie Awards
From remodeling a bathroom one tile at a time to setting 53 tons of retaining-wall blocks by hand, these readers don't know the meaning of "quit"

Don't Buy It, DIY It Contest Winners 2013
Hundreds of readers entered their small-scale projects hoping to win $100 cash and to share their creations with you. Nice work!