Step 3: Install the fan brace

Take the fan brace from its box and spin the hexagonal bar to reduce the brace to its shortest length.

Next, slip the brace up through the hole and set it on top of the ceiling. Be sure that both of its feet are resting flat on top of the drywall or plaster.

Rotate the hexagonal brace by hand until you feel its sharp prongs dig into the joists.

Tip: Don't overtighten the fan brace; the tension it puts on the joists can cause nail pops in the drywall below.

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    Tools List

    • adjustable wrench
      Adjustable wrench,
      used to tighten fan brace
    • lineman's pliers
      Lineman's pliers.
      used for spreading chain links
    • Nut screwdriver
      7/16-in. nut driver
    • Phillips screwdriver
      Phillips-head and slotted screwdrivers
    • wire strippers
      Wire stripper
    • hack saw
      Close-quarter hacksaw (for cutting out old hanging bar
    • ladder

    Shopping List


    2. FAN BRACE

    about $18