Step 7: Sand the first coat

•Check that compound is uniformly white, which indicates that it is dry. (Wet areas appear darker.)
•Sand inside corners with corner sanding block.
•Sand all other surfaces using a pole sander with medium-grit abrasive. Apply gentle, even pressure. Sand only enough to smooth rough areas; don’t sand down into paper tape.
•Feel for rough areas and sand as needed. TIP: Don’t try to sand out indentations or craters; these will be filled by subsequent coats of compound.
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    Tools List

    • drill
      for blending compound
    • drywall tape dispenser
      Drywall tape dispenser
    • swivel head pole sander
      Swivel-head pole sander with drywall sandpaper
      for smoothing first coat of compound
    • sanding block
      Sanding blocks
      for sanding corners
    • mud box
      Mud box
      for holding small batches of compound and cleaning knives
    • drywall knife
      5- and 10-inch drywall knives
    • mallet
    • drywall corner clincher tool
      Corner clincher
    • shop vacuum
      Shop vacuum

    Shopping List

    1. Medium-grit sanding screen or drywall sandpaper for smothing first coat of compound

    1. Fine-grit sandpaper for smoothing second and third coats of compound

    2. Joint compound

    3. Paper tape