Step 8: Secure the partition

Fasten the sole plate (except at the door opening) by driving one 16d nail into each floor joist. If the wall sits in line with a joist, drive one 10d nail through the plate in each stud bay and into the subfloor. (On concrete slabs, drill through the sole plate and into the concrete, then drive in spring spikes, masonry screws, or masonry cut nails.)

Nail the end studs with 16d nails every 12 to 16 inches into studs or blocking of the abutting wall.

Once the wall is secured, cut the sole plate out of the door opening with a handsaw. Cut it flush with each jack stud, without sawing into the subfloor.

To resist the force of slamming doors, toenail each end of the just-cut plate under the jack studs with two 10d nails.

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    Tools List

    • four-foot level
      for checking whether studs are plumb
    • sledge hammer
      for nudging the sole plate into position
    • framing square
      Framing square,
      for marking cut and layout lines
    • 16-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • hammer
      20-oz. framing hammer
    • chalk line
      Chalk line,
      for marking location of wall on floor and ceiling
    • plumb bob
      Plumb bob,
      for aligning layout marks between ceiling and floor
    • speed square
      Speed Square,
      for marking plates, headers, and studs, and as a saw guide
    • circular saw
      Circular saw

    Shopping List

    1. 2x4s