attaching landscape fabric to the inside lining with a staple gun
Photo: Kolin Smith

Step 10: Protect the Liner

The pond liner is tough and plenty thick, but it's still a good idea to protect it from contact with the wood. Use a staple gun to fix a layer of landscape fabric inside the box. Then use a handsaw to make a V-shaped notch, about 1 inch deep, in the top edge of one of the panels so that you'll be able to snake the pump's cord under the cap. You will need to make a matching V-shaped notch in one of the interior battens in Step 13.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      miter saw
    • bar clamps
      bar clamps
    • drill
    • hammer
    • steel-rule straightedge
    • combination square
      combination square
    • Countersink bit
      countersink bit
    • jigsaw
    • circular saw
      circular saw
    • caulk gun
      caulk gun
    • staple gun
      staple gun
    • handsaw
    • utility knife
      utility knife

    Shopping List

    ½x6 treated deck boards Get four 6-footers for the floorboards and stringers.

    ½x4 treated boards Get four 8-footers for the skirt and cap.

    1x4 treated boards Get seven 6-footers for the panel frames and interior battens.

    ½-inch treated plywood Get one 4-by-8-foot sheet for the side panels.

    1¼-, 1½-, and 2-inch deck screws

    3-inch stainless- or galvanized-steel corner brackets Get eight.

    construction adhesive

    landscape fabric

    pond liner

    submersible pond pump

    exterior-grade wood stain

    plant pots