Step 3: Bend the Edges

Flip the piece over so that the metal is on top, and place quick-grip clamps along the edges for a secure hold while the adhesive dries. Then, starting along one side, use the flat 12-inch chisel, covered with a clean cloth or rag, to bend the zinc around the edge of the wood. Help smooth the crease by hitting the edge with a deadblow hammer. When the metal is well creased, glue it to the plywood edge with the adhesive.
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    Tools List

    • caulk gun
      Caulk gun
    • utility knife
      Utility knife
    • Aviation Snips
      Tin snips
    • adjustable clamp
      Quick-grip clamps
    • demolition chisel
      Flat 12-inch chisel
    • dead-blow hammer
      Deadblow hammer and clean cloth or rag
    • Soldering gun
    • flat file
      Metal file

    Shopping List

    ¾-inch birch plywood cut to the size of the table you want

    Thin sheet of zinc (0.02 inch thick is best) cut 2 inches wider and longer than the plywood

    Construction adhesive

    Coil of lead-free solder