Step 4: Thread The Lights

Cut a cardboard disk to fit in the lip at the top of the cauldron. Punch a 1-inch hole in the disk and thread lights through the hole. Thread a dark-colored outdoor extension cord through the hole in the back of the cauldron. Plug the lights into the extension cord under the disk so that most of the lights are on top of the cardboard and draping over the sides of the cauldron.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • drill
    • 1-inch spade bit
      1-inch spade bit
    • utility knife
      Utility knife
    • gloves

    Shopping List

    Plastic cauldron

    ½-inch plywood

    1x2s Get three.

    #8 2¼-inch wood screws

    Black spray paint


    Eye hooks

    String lights


    Dark-colored outdoor extension cord

    Sash chain

    Spray foam insulation

    Small stones