Photo: Kolin Smith

Step 8: Build the Leg Assemblies for the Base

Clamp a ¾-inch piece of scrap between two leg pieces. Center a foot on the edge of the leg pieces so that all pieces are flush at the bottom. Make four countersinks (two for each leg piece) through the face of the foot and into the edges of the legs. Secure the foot with 1½-inch deck screws. Repeat with the remaining feet, and install the brackets as mirror images of the feet. Remove the scrap boards. Then attach each foot pad with four 1½-inch deck screws.

TOH Tip: Cedar is naturally rot resistant, but if you want the natural red color to last, periodically apply teak oil to keep ultraviolet rays from graying the wood.
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    Tools List

    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • bar clamps
      Long and short bar clamps
    • drill
    • 1/8-inch bit with combination countersink
      -inch combination countersink bit
    • straight edge
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • router
      Router with a ¾-inch straight bit
    • multi-bit screwdriver
    • 1/8-inch twist bit
      -inch twist bit
    • spade bit
      1-inch Forstner (or spade) bit
    • adjustable wrench
      two adjustable wrenches

    Shopping List

    1×4 cedar Get eleven 10-footers.

    Igloo Ice Blue MaxCold 50 cooler with threaded drain plug. Go to

    1½-, 1¼-, and 2-inch deck screws

    -inch brass or stainless-steel screws for the lid slats

    ½-inch brass spigot

    ½-by-3-inch brass nipple

    ½-inch brass double female connector

    29-inch brass or stainless-steel continuous hinge

    Brass or stainless-steel gate handle

    24-inch brass or stainless-steel sash chain

    Wall-mount bottle opener

    Teflon tape

    Double-sided foam tape