Step 2: Create a Template

Create a template using heavy paper or posterboard. The one used here was a 10-by-16-inch rectangle with a 3-by-12-inch patch cut out of its center and 3-by-10-inch tabs at each end. Starting in one corner, align the center of the template with the chalk line, and trace it with chalk.

Tip: To make sure the pattern is the right scale for your porch, draw it on paper, make a dozen photocopies, and arrange them on the floor. Often, larger is better.
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    Tools List

    • roller tray
      Paint tray
    • roller frames
    • paint roller with extension
      Roller pole
    • Artist's Brush
      1-inch flat artist's brush
    • scissors
    • paint brush and roller
      Roller and brush for cutting in (base coat)
    • chalk

    Shopping List

    Floor and patio latex enamel Get 1 gallon each of a base color and a border color, plus 1 quart each of three accent colors

    Heavy paper or posterboard

    Roller cover (½-inch nap for concrete)