Step 1: Cut The Opening

From below, drive a deck screw up through the roof at each corner of the rough opening. On the roof, strip the shingles about 7 inches beyond those points, and snap a chalk line between each pair of screws. Use a circular saw to plunge-cut through the sheathing along the chalk lines, as shown, on three sides. Stay off the cutout.
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    Tools List

    • fall protection harness
      Fall-protection gear
    • chalk line
      Chalk line
    • drill
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • hammer
      Coil roofing nailer or a hammer
    • snap-off utility knife
      Utility knife

    Shopping List

    1. Skylight kit (includes counterflashing)

    2. Flashing kit (includes self-adhesive membrane; step, saddle, and sill flashing)

    3. Deck screws

    4. Extra roofing shingles

    5. 1½-inch galvanized roofing nails