Step 4: Apply The Darkener

Wearing protective gloves and eyewear, use a foam brush to coat the exposed brass with darkener. You should see the surface start to change within 10 seconds. If there are spots that are not shaded to your liking, scrub with steel wool and reapply.
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    Tools List

    • transparent tape
    • plastic food wrap
      Plastic food wrap to protect any exposed wiring
    • plastic bowl
      Two plastic bowls (for stripper and solution)
    • latex gloves
      Protective gloves
    • eye goggles
      Protective eyewear
    • paintbrush
      1-inch paintbrush
    • cleaning rag
    • fine steel wool
      Fine steel wool
    • foam brush
      1-inch foam brush

    Shopping List

    1. Electric lantern

    2. Jax Brass, Bronze & Copper Darkener

    3. Paint stripper (We used Citristrip stripping gel.)