Step 3: Scrub The Surface

antique a brass light fixture scrub off finish with fine steel wool
Photo: Lisa Shin
Scrub the brass with fine steel wool to remove any remaining coating. Watch for a paler tone, which indicates that the spot is free of lacquer. Wipe with a dry rag to remove any debris.
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    Tools List

    • transparent tape
    • plastic food wrap
      Plastic food wrap to protect any exposed wiring
    • plastic bowl
      Two plastic bowls (for stripper and solution)
    • latex gloves
      Protective gloves
    • eye goggles
      Protective eyewear
    • paintbrush
      1-inch paintbrush
    • cleaning rag
    • fine steel wool
      Fine steel wool
    • foam brush
      1-inch foam brush

    Shopping List

    1. Electric lantern

    2. Jax Brass, Bronze & Copper Darkener

    3. Paint stripper (We used Citristrip stripping gel.)