Install the Bar by Mounting the French Cleat when Building a Fold-Down Murphy Bar
Photo: Laura Moss

Step 16: Install the Bar: Mount the French Cleat

Hold the bottom half of the French cleat against the wall, with the bevel facing in and pointing up. Use a level to position it, then drive a 3-inch deck screw halfway into each end. (For brick or concrete-block walls, use a masonry drill bit and masonry anchors.) If your house has clapboards, as shown, drive shims in from the top of the cleat to bring the face plumb—and keep the cleat from trapping moisture against the siding—before sinking 3-inch deck screws every 8 inches.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • bar clamp
      Bar clamps
    • drill
    • Countersink bit
      1/16-inch countersink bit
    • brad nailer
      Brad nailer
    • sliding T-bevel
      Bevel gauge
    • straight edge
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • router
      Router with ¾-inch straight-cut bit
    • Doweling Jig
      -inch doweling jig from
    • Drill bit
      -inch twist bit
    • Phillips screwdriver
      Phillips screwdriver
    • Rafter Square
      Rafter square
    • two-foot level

    Shopping List

    1x4 cedar Get three 10-footers for the slats.

    1x8 cedar Get two 10-footers for the box pieces and the gable ends.

    1x10 cedar Get one 8-footer for the roof and top pieces.

    5/4x4 cedar Get one 10-footer for the door frame.

    -by-2-inch spiral-cut wood dowels

    1½-inch brad nails

    1¼-inch deck screws

    3-inch deck screws

    -inch brass screws for the door slats

    brass or stainless-steel hinges, latch, shutter pulls, Quick Links, and chain exterior-grade wood glue