Step 5: Fill in With Paint

Use a tiny artist's brush to get into the corners, a half-inch brush for the edges, and a regular paintbrush to finish. Paint two of the diamonds with the hand-mixed fifth color, and create a little spin by varying the order of the colors from star to star. Gently dab the wet paint with a damp rag to let a bit of base color show. Do one star at a time, and wipe down the surface before resuming. Finish with one coat of durable high-gloss polyurethane and two coats of softer semigloss.
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    Tools List

    • scissors
    • pencil
    • string
    • 12-inch stainless steel ruler
      Metal ruler
    • black marker
      Fine-point permanent black marker
    • paintroller
      Roller and brush for cutting in (base coat)
    • paintbrushes
      Small artist's brush, half-inch brush, and regular paint brush (stars)
    • paintbrush
      Brush and applicator (polyurethane)
    • cleaning rag

    Shopping List

    Paper and pasteboard

    Small jars with lids

    1 gallon flat latex (base coat)

    4 to 5 pints latex in other colors, any finish

    1 gallon high-gloss polyurethane

    1 gallon semigloss polyurethane