Step 4: Secure the Membrane

Immediately after the membrane is laid, use a grout float to press every square inch firmly into the thinset, as shown. Do the same after laying each remaining section. Once the entire floor is covered, dry-lay a line of tiles between each pair of walls to judge how best to minimize cuts and get a pleasing layout. Pick a starting point that will keep you from stepping on stones after they're laid.
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    Tools List

    • utility knife with hook blade
      Utility knife
    • mixing drill
      Corded drill with mixing paddle to mix thinset and grout
    • small plastic bucket
      Buckets for thinset, grout, and rinse water
    • notched trowel
      ¼-inch notched trowel
    • grout float
      Grout float
    • margin trowel
      Margin trowel to spread thinset on back of stone
    • plastic putty knife
      Putty knife
    • sponge
    • Cheesecloth

    Shopping List

    Uncoupling membrane
    Thinset, modified and unmodified
    Muriatic acid
    Slate tiles
    Penetrating stone sealer
    Sanded grout