Step 1: Cut the Membrane

Starting in a corner, roll out the membrane, flocked-side down, beside the room's long wall. At the end wall, crease the roll into the corner, as shown, and cut along that crease with a utility knife. Trim as needed to get around pipes, ducts, and doorways. Lay out and cut the remaining sections so that their edges butt together and they cover the entire floor.
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    Tools List

    • utility knife with hook blade
      Utility knife
    • mixing drill
      Corded drill with mixing paddle to mix thinset and grout
    • small plastic bucket
      Buckets for thinset, grout, and rinse water
    • notched trowel
      ¼-inch notched trowel
    • grout float
      Grout float
    • margin trowel
      Margin trowel to spread thinset on back of stone
    • plastic putty knife
      Putty knife
    • sponge
    • Cheesecloth

    Shopping List

    Uncoupling membrane
    Thinset, modified and unmodified
    Muriatic acid
    Slate tiles
    Penetrating stone sealer
    Sanded grout