Build the frame: Attach the First Bottom Rail Build a Decorative Driveway Marker
Photo: Kolin Smith

Step 13: Attach the First Bottom Rail

Cut the bottom rails to length; note that one rail is ¾ inch shorter, to maintain even baluster spacing when it's butted into the first rail at the notch. Stand the center post and an end post on your work surface, and set two balusters on edge to establish the rail height. Then butt the longer rail into the notch at one end and flush with the end post at the other. Use two deck screws at each end to attach it to the posts, as shown.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Miter Saw
    • combination square
      Combination Square
    • straightedge guide
    • Rafter Square
      Rafter Square
    • adjustable clamp
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • hand saw
    • spade bit
    • hammer
      ¾-inch Spade Bit
    • chisel
    • mallet
    • mallet
    • 2-and-a-half-inch paintbrush

    Shopping List

    1x3 for the balusters Get four 6-footers.

    6x6 post Get one at least 3 feet long.

    4x4 post Get one at least 3 feet long.

    1x4 for the rails Get two 8-footers.1¼-inch deck screws

    ½-inch threaded galvanized-steel rod

    primer and paint