lining the columned room divider with crown molding
Photo: Ryan Benyi

Step 16: Install the Crown.

To trim the top of the capital, measure one side, use a miter saw to cut a piece of solid crown molding at 45 degrees on each end, and install it with adhesive and brad nails. Continue measuring, cutting, and installing each side as you go. To trim the cabinet top, measure its long edges and miter-cut pieces of crown to fit—90 degrees at the wall and 45 degrees at the end. Glue and nail them in place. Measure and miter-cut the end piece to fit between the two mitered ends, then install it with adhesive and brad nails.
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    Tools List

    • 100-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • straightedge guide
    • bar clamp
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • caulk gun
      Caulk gun
    • drill
    • Countersink bit
      Countersink bit
    • four-foot level
      4-foot level
    • pneumatic brad nailer
      Pneumatic brad nailer and air compressor
    • combination square
      Combination square
    • miter saw
      Miter saw

    Shopping List

    ¾-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
    Get three 4-by-8-foot sheets for an 8½-foot ceiling.

    2x8 lumber to build the base


    Solid crown molding to trim the capital and the cabinet top

    Baseboard molding

    ½-inch and ¾-inch quarter-round molding
    for the base cap and shoe molding

    1½-inch MDF screws to assemble the boxes

    2½-inch deck screws to install the base and the blocking

    1¼-inch brad nails

    Construction adhesive

    Wood filler and paintable caulk

    Primer and paint