Step 5: Attach It to the Cabinets.

Drive 2½-inch screws up through the cabinets' top panels and into the bottom of the L-shaped frame. Place them close behind the cabinets' face frames. If there's a gap of an inch or more between the crown and the ceiling, you're finished with the install. For gaps narrower than 1 inch, find a strip wide enough to fill the widest gap and proceed to Step 6.
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    Tools List

    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • hand clamps
    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • drill
    • pencil compass
      Compass (optional)
    • jigsaw
      Jigsaw (optional)
    • pneumatic pin gun
      Pneumatic pin nailer (optional)

    Shopping List

    1x4 poplar boards
    Crown molding
    Filler strips (optional)
    1¾-inch drywall screws for building the frame
    1¼ and 2½-inch washer-head screws for attaching the crown
    Pin nails
    Wood glue
    Caulk (optional)